We are specialized in consultancy and services for the protection of cultural heritage.

RGI bioSteryl Tech

An engineering company specialized in consultancy, services and sales of certified products for the protection of cultural heritage.

Services for the conservation of the cultural heritage

In addition to our specialization in Integrated Pest Management, at RGI we take extreme care of all the related services which complete and follow-up disinfestation, disinfection, and conservation of the cultural heritage.

The ideal management of museums, exhibition and storage areas often requires additional services which turn up to be crucial to the overall management of the critical issues and must be thought of in advance or soon after carrying out the main service requested.

Our additional services

  • Monitoring of climatic parameters (temperature and humidity) with report and consultancy
  • Design and installation of devices for ideal climatic parameters control (fans, dehumidifiers, humidifiers)
  • Ambient fumigation treatments for storage environments
  • Installation of entomological monitoring traps
  • Application of anti-condensation and anti-acid boards on the shelves supporting the paper material to prevent micro condensation
  • Cleaning and disinfection of conservation areas
  • Relocation of books, statues and paintings
  • Application of protective sunscreen films on windows
  • Entomological and microbiological analyses
  • Maintenance of wooden surfaces
  • Grouting of woodworm holes