RGI designs, manufactures and markets devices for the care, safeguarding and conservation of cultural heritage.

Our main products

RGI offers a wide range of accessories, consumables and original spare parts for all types of provided Systems, which now can also be purchased directly from our shop.

Spare parts are also available for our outdated and discontinued systems, in order to guarantee long-lasting service and assistance to our customers.

In our shop, you can find all types of consumables, accessories and materials for ordinary maintenance and nevertheless, we are always at your complete disposal for any special requests and specific devices that you may need. Please, do not hesitate to contact us as we will always be happy to provide you with the best solutions for your technical requirements.


Thanks to the anoxia method in a modified nitrogen atmosphere, Veloxy eliminates pests and eggs.


ABIOS®is the RGI-designed and patented device which prevents the damages caused to the art of works by bacteria, fungi, and bug proliferation.


CONSERVER® ensures the regulated vacuum preservation of newspapers, books and all types of paper-based materials.