Consultancy and additional services

We offer consultancy, planning, transport of works, maintenance, and setting up of museum areas.

RGI bioSteryl Tech

An engineering company specialized in consultancy, services and sales of certified products for the protection of cultural heritage.

Planning and designing an IMP intervention

Designing an effective integrated pest management requires a detailed assessment of the conservation conditions, any ongoing infestations and the damages to the works of art.

A 30-year long expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive consultancy in order to evaluate all the existing solutions apt to eradicate the threats to the best conservation of the cultural heritage.

Planning an IPM is the ideal way to assess both the solution to any infestation and the cause of the damage: together with the client, we’ll discover what threatens the heritage, how to intervene in the specific scenario and how to protect the works of art in the long term.

We offer our experience and know-how in Integrated Pest management and the availability to inspect museums, libraries, archives, private collections, churches and religious sites, to take care of any conservation issues;

from microclimate to the entomological and microbiological monitoring, up to the light checks on the light exposure of the works of art in their usual environment, we take care of every single detail.

Transport of works

During the disinfestation treatments or, simply, the setting up of new conservation areas, it may be necessary to transport works of art either temporarily or permanently; if this is the case, transportation is carried out by our specialized staff who take care of every detail in the delicate stages of the movement

No need to involve third parties anymore; clients may opt for a temporary movement as well a permanent  worry-free relocation, trusting in an impeccable and safe service.

We know only skilled and careful hands can offer reliability, safety and speed without compromising on quality.

Maintenance and setting up of museum areas, display cases and showcases

Setting up and monitoring conservation parameters in museum rooms, display cases and showcases significantly contributes to preserve historic and artistic heritage.

We can provide  our clients with specific devices to either monitor conservation conditions or actively intervene on display cases and showcases as well as storage areas, such as deposits or museum routes.

We propose both the installation of display cases, showcases and the maintenance of already installed cases and showcases with annual or multi-year packages.

The devices, which are the result of our engineering research, can be installed with two main objectives:

  1. the monitoring of parameters and pest activity
  2. the active control of temperature and humidity parameters in compliance with standard UNI 15757 to obtain the best microclimatic conditions for the conservation of works of art.

For maximum protection, we can equip the showcases with machines that can reduce oxygen* to minimum levels, generating a sterile environment unable to be attacked by pests.

Safeguarding art for tomorrow

Many museums, libraries, archives and prestigious private collections around the world rely on our solutions to prolong the integrity of works of art.

Thanks to the combination of specialized conservation technologies, it is now possible to preserve precious artifacts and pass them on intact for generations to come.