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We are a specialized in consultancy, services and sales of certified products for the protection of cultural heritage.

RGI bioSteryl Tech

We are an engineering company specialized in consultancy, services and sales of certified products for the protection of cultural heritage.

Museums, archives, libraries, public institutions and religious organizations, restorers and private individuals are our main and most relevant clients. Our products and services are the IPM answer to the entomologic and microbiologic threats to artistic heritage

We strive to provide the best conservation conditions to avoid irreversible damages to historical, cultural and artistic heritage.

The R&D department focuses on the integrated management of any issues related to the preservation, care and conservation of the works of art.

We develop systems, devices and complex intervention projects aimed at guaranteeing the preservation of the museum, archival and bibliographic heritage fully respecting the health of professionals and the safety of the environment.

As for our policy, we limit the use of pesticides to those situations where other technologies do not work properly; we prioritize green methods and effective techniques – although harmless- towards works of art, people and the environment.

RGI bioSteryl Tech

Cross-disciplinary expertise and flexibility of intervention are the keys to success in Integrated Pest Management

Providing the optimal solution to the infestation issue, but also creating the ideal conditions for long term benefits is our first goal. Furthermore, employing integrated techniques impacts positively on the cost-effectiveness of the intervention.

No matter how far away you are, we always prefer to intervene on site with our dedicated machinery.

A team specialized in IPM

Certified products for museum asset protection


ABIOS®***(Aerosol Biological Sterilizer), our latest product which enriches the range of the conservation and preservation devices, prevents damage caused by the proliferation of microorganisms in confined environments by sucking in the air present in the environment, sterilizing it, and finally returning it free of microorganisms.


CONSERVER®** the device designed together with professionals for the vacuum storage of paper material, is successfully used in libraries and archives in Italy and abroad.


VELOXY®,* the nitrogen-based anoxic pest control system typically eliminates insects – in any stage of life- from all organic materials, without causing any damage to people or works. It can be used on paper, parchment, wood, leather, fabrics, and multi-material works.


e-VELOXY®, the new System with hardware and software technology for highly innovative use of VELOXY®.It provides continuously remote management and anoxic treatment control.

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