Anoxic Pest Control

The only method in the world able to completely eradicate – without the use of chemicals – any bug infestation.

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Anoxic Pest Control

Anoxic pest control is the only method in the world able to completely eradicate – without the use of chemicals – any bug infestation (ex: Anobium Punctatum, LictusBrunneus, etc.) which feeds on wood, paper and any other organic material.

Our VELOXY® System is eco-friendly, it respects works of art and items as it doesn’t employ any chemical substances. Therefore, it’s particularly suitable for the disinfestation of cultural heritage.

It is also totally non-toxic for humans, animals and the environment.

How does the anoxic pest control work?

The anoxic disinfestation, which employs the proprietary VELOXY® system, is based on the generation of nitrogen from the atmosphere, sent to a gas-tight enclosure until the oxygen is eliminated. The gas-tight case, made by heat sealing with a special multilayer gas barrier plastic film, envelops objects in a virtually oxygen-free atmosphere for approximately 21 days.

VELOXY® can be equipped with a proprietary technology that maintains the various wrappings in optimal conditions of temperature and relative humidity.

During these 21 days or so, all insects, from eggs to the adult stage, lose their ability to develop and are eradicated.

Anoxic disinfestation has no side-effects

The anoxic disinfestation has no direct or indirect side effects on the items and works of art, unlike all the existing treatments available on the market.

The biocidal effect originates from the absence of oxigen, a totally inert gas which is used in the same formulation which humans usually breathe.

All the other existing treatments aimed at bug infestation clearing, do not match a 100% effectiveness, and may compromise the works of art while VELOXY®and the anoxic treatment are completely safe on humans, animals and the surrounding environment.

Thanks to VELOXY® system real and effective mobility, anoxic treatment can be carried out on site, with no need to transport the works of art outside their location.

The effectiveness of the treatment is higher than all the other current treatments on the market and avoids dangers to the preservation, maintenance and safety of cultural heritage.

When the disinfestation treatment with the VELOXY® system concerns paper materials, books or newspapers, it is possible to combine vacuum storage with the CONSERVER® method to ensure the best conservation over time.