Thanks to the anoxia method in a modified nitrogen atmosphere, Veloxy eliminates pests and eggs.
Veloxy system equipment

What is  VELOXY®?

Veloxy® is the first system in the world – specifically designed for the cultural heritage field- which employs the anoxia method for the disinfestation of organic materials.
Thanks to the anoxia method in a modified nitrogen atmosphere, Veloxy eliminates pests and eggs.
Suitable for all organic materials: paper, parchment, wood, leather, fabrics, and multi-material works.

A green alternative to insecticides

Safe, green, and effective. It’s harmless to humans and to works of art, effective against pests at every life cycle stage: from eggs to larvae, from chrysalises to the adult stage.
Also, the Veloxy® system and intervention protocols boast the certification and validation provided by the SAVE ART research project.

How is it composed?

  1. Generator
  2. Compressor
  3. Oxygen analyzer
  4. Valves
  5. Plastic gas barrier film
  6. Heat-sealing clamp

How does anoxic pest control work?

Using an innovative technology, the Veloxy® system generates pure nitrogen from the air and sends it inside a special gas-tight enclosure – custom-made by the operator- where the object is contained.

The artwork is thus enclosed for a short time in an oxygen-free environment, the ideal condition for the elimination of all pest species.

Features of VELOXY®

  1. Ideal for cultural heritage
  2. Easy to use
  3. Light and easy to transport
  4. Low cost, reliable, durable
  5. Minimum maintenance
  6. Quick to install in any kind of environment
  7. Green alterative to pests
  8. Waterproof plastic films
  9.  2-years warranty

The other advantages of VELOXY®

Transporting works of art is always a danger to their integrity as well as a significant cost to the property. Veloxy® fulfils what professionals consider a primary need in cultural heritage: preserving books and works of art from woodworm and other pests without moving them from the museum or library.

Veloxy® can travel to any location and be actionable in minutes.

Optional Veloxy® accessories

  • Software for storing anoxia parameters
  • Process automation
  • Airtight chamber for a fixed location for anoxic treatments
  • RH control for determination of relative humidity of nitrogen output
  • Nitrogen flow sterilizer
  • Microclimate temperature and humidity sensors and data loggers
  • Oxygen sensors and data logger
  • Low cost, reliability and durability
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Quick installation in any type of environment
  • Ecological alternative to insecticides
  • Customizable enclosures
  • Plastic film impermeability

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