archivio storico nazionale

Florence – National Historical Archive

RGI has carried out an anoxic treatment at the Archive of Florence to stop an entomological attack and prevent further damages.

The Archives -one of the largest and most reknowned in Italy- houses an incredible heritage of documents from the 8th century onwards, dramatically important for historical, historical-artistic, linguistic, palaeographic, and diplomatic studies.

The image of this intervention shows the potential of the VELOXY® System even on large volumes. The enclosures created by our specialists were designed to contain over 1200 linear meters of archival units, which were transported from the conservation areas with the utmost care, respecting the original cataloging. The normal activity of the archives was not interrupted during the intervention

Inside the enclosures – sealed by a unique barrier film-  we created a modified atmosphere through the VELOXY® System, without resorting to chemical substances, using only nitrogen.

Nitrogen is the same gas humans normally breathe every day; a gas that isn’t harmful to humans, or animals and that respects paper works.



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