Works Veloxy

Aramengo (AT) – Restoration workshop


Anoxic pest control against xylophagous insects with Veloxy® System

This works dealt with anoxic pest control disinfestation made by RGI specialists on a wooden screw press from 1700.

The intervention was carried out for Nicola Restauri, one of the most famous restoration workshops in the world.

The press was treated using the Veloxy® System, which enabled us to create a nitrogen-based modified atmosphere.

The picture shows some details of the tailor-made enclosure created at the Customer’s premises.

The Veloxy® System can work in every kind of environment without posing any risks to the Art Work and the health of the staff performing the treatment.

The Veloxy® System, made and marketed worldwide by RGI, is a safe method for people and does not imply any hazards for the Art Work subjected to disinfestation.

The success of the treatment is 100% guaranteed by several reports and international trials, as well as by the European Project SAVE ART, which sanctioned the protocol.

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